Wright’s Wrighting Corner: A New Series!



Well, Folks,

We have finished the Writing Tip series. Woohoo!

There will probably be more with time. I add to my Writing Tips as I learn more things, but until I compile a longer list, I must face the question of: what next?

In considering what to do now for this column, one thought I had was how nice it had been to have something to work with when I sat down to write, a previously drawn up list to address point by point.

So, I thought I would start a new series and address those points one at a time. This one will be called: Writing The Great Book…or something like that. It will be a series on great books from a writer's  point of view.

For next week, I hope to draw up a list of points that contribute to Great Books. What makes a book great? How do we go about making our books greater? (Better?)  Some of the issues will be writing points, some idea points.

Writing points will include things like the list of qualities I recently heard while listening to a lecture about Tolkien by the theologist Peter Kreeft.  Mr. Kreeft suggested that books have five aspects: plot, character, setting, theme, and style. To be great, he felt, a book had to be great in all five areas. So, I will discuss those five areas.

On the idea side will be the Great Ideas, including a brief introduction to how I learned about their place in writing. Perhaps, I'll discuss some of the Great Ideas in detail, too. 

Other than that? Well, the reason I am going to publish this list next week rather than now is to give you all a chance to contribute.   

What do you think makes a great book?