A Day Around the House

The Princess is still asleep, maybe because I told her she had to do something other than just go downstairs today. Juss and Orville tried to play on the Wii, but Juss threw such a terrible fit for so long that I had to go down, turn it off, and hold him and pray for a while.

After that, Juss asked to make pudding. I found some. So Juss made a pudding and Orville made a Jell-O. Then, Ro wanted to make a pudding, but I didn’t have enough milk…so I made Orville get dressed and go get some from Jen, which he did.

So, Ro and I made pudding, too. Ro is an excellent stirrer–they’ve been cooking at school–he stirs very slowly and evenly without fussing.

Only now, he keeps calling out “My pudding!” when the pudding has to sit for a bit. I set the timer so he’ll know when its ready.