Amazing News From All Girls Allowed

The whole thing below, but here's the most amazing part:

  Later today, we will release the latest news that at least 20 of China's 31 provinces have publicly published the policy to forbid all late-term forced abortions.


Dear AGA Prayer Warriors,

We believe the end of the One-Child Policy is near!  A chain of events is unfolding in which God is responding to our prayers, dismantling the policy piece by piece.  Yet, tomorrow (September 25th) marks the anniversary of the policy.  Therefore, more than ever, we must step up our prayer efforts and approach the throne of the King to ask him to complete the work and bring freedom to his children!

Last week at the Call2All conference in Kansas City, Governor Sam Brownback (Kansas) shared a vision of heaven in which our prayers go directly to the heart of God.  John Dawson, President Emeritus of YWAM (Youth With A Mission), also prayed a blessing over the people of China, that they would be fruitful and multiply.  The Lord spoke to Chai Ling that he would extend his scepter of mercy over China's husbands and wives.

We also made a critical discovery last week–that God has already ended a "One-Child Policy" in Korea many years ago!  In 1962, Korea implemented its "Small Size Family Policy", which was in force until 1996.  At the height of this coercive family planning policy, Korea had a gender ratio af 115 boys to 100 girls, and they only sent out 93 missionaries.  Thanks to the prayers of the Korean Church, the Small Size Family Policy came to an end, and today Korea has over 20,000 missionaries–the highest per capita of any nation in the world!


Because we have a God who clearly answers our prayers, please join with All Girls Allowed and fellow believers in China today and tomorrow in fasting and prayer to call for an end to this evil policy and for God's redemption. Specifically, pray for the following 4 items:


1) Praise God for answering our prayers by bringing Feng Jianmei's 7-month forced abortion to the light, and moving in the hearts of the national Family Planning Commission to ban late-term forced abortion.  Last week, we released news of a historic shift–never before adopted by the National Family Planning Commission–to absolutely end late-term forced abortions.  Since then, we have received further news confirming that this indeed is the beginning of the end of the One-Child Policy.  Later today, we will release the latest news that at least 20 of China's 31 provinces have publicly published the policy to forbid all late-term forced abortions.  Along with the language to only pursue "voluntary measures", this is an incredible victory that could only be accomplished by the hand of God! 


2) Pray for the policy to end in 2012 as was prophesied by Cindy Jacobs last year.  Since there will be a major leadership transition in China this fall, pray that the new leadership would have courage to end the One-Child Policy.  All Girls Allowed's Case Team, which has been investigating for reports of forced abortions, have not found a single case since the national Family Planning Minister issued the ban on late-term forced abortions on July 19, 2012.  There is hope!  But we must for provincial Family Planning officials to honor and respect the orders from the national Family Planning Commission to cease all late-term forced abortions and to only implement voluntary measures.  We are asking that the the national Commission will continue to punish and keep accountable all provincial and local officials who continue to administer forced abortions.  And we are asking that coerced abortion–the result of incredible financial and social pressure to abort–would also come to an end. 


3) Pray for God's people in China to rise up in repentance, prayer, prophecy and compassion.  We are releasing a new video in Chinese and launching our Chinese website this week, so please pray that our brothers and sisters in China would be convicted and would share this widely.  The escape of Chen Guangcheng, the exposure of Feng Jianmei's forced abortion, the rescue of Cao Ruyi from her forced abortion–we believe all of these were in direct response to a wave of repentance that spread across leaders of China's house churches in April 2012.  We must continue to ask the Lord to continue to pour out his Spirit of repentance and healing on his people in China. 


4) Pray for unity among all of God's people to end all forced and coerced abortions, to end gendercide, and to bring an end to all voluntary abortion as well as the Church rises up against the shedding of innocent blood.  We understand that several of our co-laborers in this work to end forced abortion have disagreed with our conclusion that China is bringing an end to forced abortions.  After carefully examining their responses, we believe that the information they reference is pre-July and therefore outdated, and we have found no new evidence that suggests that China has not banned late-term forced abortions, and possibly all forced abortions.  Please pray that the Lord would give us one voice and one faith to believe that he is bringing an end to all forced abortions in answer to the prayers of many.  As Scripture commands us, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." (Proverbs 3:5)  While our own may be one of skepticism and pessimism, please ask that the Lord would cause all of us to lean on him and trust that he will accomplish that which he has promised, to end the One-Child Policy. 


Thank you for standing in the gap for China's daughters.  Our good Lord Jesus is accomplishing this, as he said by his prophet Isaiah of the people of God:


"They will rebuild the ancient ruins

   and restore the places long devastated;

they will renew the ruined cities

   that have been devastated for generations."  

   (Isaiah 61:4) 


     in Christ,

     The All Girls Allowed Team