Adventures in Chincoteague

When I was eight, my favorite book in the world was Misty of Chincoteague. I never dreamed I would actually go there. But this magical place that still shines with the golden light of childhood joy has now become our favorite place to vacation.

We could not make it there last year. The boys talked about it and missed it all year. Juss thought that the whole summer was lost.

He might be right.

What a wonderful, magical place it is!

We just returned today from another wonderful vacation in the magical world of marshes and horses. The place consists of two islands: Chincoteague, a charming village with the best ice cream imaginable, and Assateague, a barrier island of sands and marshes that is a beach and a wildlife refuge, where wild ponies live.

At various different times (some people came and went) we had John, Orville, Ping-Ping, the Cherubim, Juss, Ping-Ping's friend Claudia, Uncle Bill, and Grandma. We stayed in the most charming of places…a two story townhouse in Snug Harbour, just across the water from the Lighthouse. It is clean and bright and has a lovely kitchen. The grocery store just off the island is cheaper than shopping at home, so we buy groceries and cook there.

I have no idea why cooking there seems fun and enjoyable…and cooking at home always seems like a chore, but…

There is a bus that looks like a Trolly. The Cherubim LOVES this. He asked for it all day the first two days. It only runs at night. We went at least three times. It costs 25 cents. It tours around the island, letting one look out at shops and flat reeds filled with snowy egrets which are so white, that one wonders how they could keep clean. It is like seeing angels standing among the marshes.

More anon…I will tell about the beach, the beach at night, game playing, the horror of the watermellon (I chose poorly!), and more!